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Mold Tooling & Injection Molding

We offer top-notch high-performance tooling solutions as well as specialized technological know-how for

liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and multi-component tooling and molding.

Industries & Markets

We provide solution to a wide range of products and specialty markets covering healthcare, automotive, materinity and baby care, consumer goods, toys.

Why work with us


We provide engineering guidance and advice on fitness-for-purpose, tooling feasibility, and producibility for material selection and product design.

Design & Engineering


We have a complete variety of facilities for molding and precise tooling. There is also a thorough mold measurement system in place to guarantee the products meet client specifications and regulatory standards.

High Quality & Precision


We serve different markets such as automotive, medical care, baby & maternity, and consumer electronics. This makes us flexible for all your shaping needs.  

Wide Market Coverage


We have extensive experience at making precise tools, and building molds out of plastic and LSR. 

Manufacturing Capability


From design to development, our PM team will be your committed guide, assuring effective communication throughout the process.

Dedicated Customer Service


Factory Gallery

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