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We are your right hand in China.


Greensward has a comprehensive portfolio of trusted and accredited manufacturing partners. From development, commercialization, to delivery; our team is equipped with the resources and technical knowledge to guarantee that products and services you receive fulfil your needs.


With comprehensive insight into many US and EU retailers’ quality requirements, we can provide expert service in ensuring your product meets all the testing requirements. Our quality assurance and control team is based in China and can readily assess the production status of your products.


Let us be, Your Right Hand in China.


We are Plastics OEM specialists.


Greensward’s manufacturing headquarters is based in Dong Guan, South China, commonly referred to as “The World’s Manufacturing City”.


Our focus is in OEM toy and packaging production. With each new toy collaboration, our technical and production professionals offers expertise in prototyping, efficient manufacturing processes, and world class toy quality knowledge to our customers.

We believe the key to succeeding in the shrinking China Labour market is taking a balanced approach. While we continue to search for cost efficient labour, Greensward invests heavily in automated prototyping and production technologies.


We believe ethical manufacturing and treatment of our staff isn’t just the right way to do business, but the only way.


Accuracy, Visibility and Timeliness is Our Mantra.


At Greensward, we understand that each business has their own unique logistics need. After looking on the market for a suitable logistics solution for our manufacturing business, we could not find a provider that could satisfy our requirements at a reasonable cost.


Knowing this is a common problem in the market, we established Greensward’s own comprehensive ERP system  with three key objectives:  Scalability. Visibility. Customizability. Our propriety ERP system allows 100% visibility via the access to real time data and hence timely and informative operational and management reports.


Our focus is to understand your internal and external operational requirements and provide logistics services tailored to your needs.


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Find out what we can do for your business

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